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Sat 08/05/17
$16.66 ADV/$20 DOS

Doormouse & Anonymous * Live & Drums w/ STUNT ROCK + Demix

Once a year.
2017 takes place in the best sounding room Milwaukee has to offer.
w/ STUNT ROCK + Demix + Special guests
Tickets on sale.


(Miami Beach, FL)

Considered as the father of American breakcore, Doormouse has made his stamp on the scene for his use of obscure, often bizare samples. His Addict label has helped nurture the tongue-in-cheek, 'Trash Amerika' aesthetic he shares with the likes of Otto Von Schirach.



Billy Stunt Rock is the only person who cares about the lasting legacy and artistic integrity of the Addict family of labels. He currently resides in Wisconsin where he fails to finish anything in a timely manner because he feels constantly overwhelmed by the dearth of boring art he produces. He occasionally plays out in public.

The Demix


"...dark, brooding electronic music that can only be described as intense, and that’s phrasing it lightly. Every track sounds like it could very well be the climax of a horror film, as is the case with the latest release, “Havoc Run”. It’s like sensory overload in a track; drums, pulsating synths, and god knows what else come at you from every angle... it’s totally original." -Breaking and Entering

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