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So, you’re in a band and you want to live stream?

Shows aren’t being booked, and live-stream events seem to be kinda all over the place, quality-wise. Here’s a few helpful tips to put your best foot forward with regards to live-streaming a performance.

Invest in a nice iPhone mic

One HUGE thing you can do to improve the quality of your recording, is invest in a phone mic. Check out the Shure MV88 or MV88+. Download their free video app that goes with it. It makes a difference. This iPhone mic can be purchased at most online retailers. This setup would be ideal for full bands, or anyone planning to use the rehearsal PA and wants to record open-air.

Lighting matters

Try to be in a well lit area when recording your performance. You can buy cheap LED lighting, if you want to invest, but just turn on some extra lights if you can. Maybe hit the local Home Depot and scoop some shop lights. Get creative.

Demo your setup

MAKE SURE TO TEST YOUR SETUP. Yeah. Record stuff. Review. If the lighting is crap, fix it. If the audio is blown out, try a different placement of your recording device in the room. Or adjust the gain setting on that sweet Shure MV88+ mic you bought. Get creative.

Nervous? Pre-record your performance

Let’s say the club or promoter is putting together an OBS stream, but you’re not sure you can figure out how to provide a live stream. Easy peasy. Most musicians probably have an iPhone or an iPad and know how to record a video.

Does the promoter just want bring your live stream into their OBS Project

Here’s where it gets tricky/fun. Try the OBS Ninja website. Click “Add your Camera to OBS” and provide the resulting stream link to the promoter. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t work with all devices. On iPhones and iPads, it requires iOS 11 or above to work.

Do you plan on using an audio interface with a backing track off a computer?

Dope. In order to do this, you’ll want to bone up on OBS Project, which is a streaming software available for Mac and PC. This app allows you to stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch and many other live streaming platforms, including Instagram – NOTE: If you’re using instagram, be sure to set your project size and video output size to match Instagram ratio, which is 9:16 (portrait), NOT 16:9 (landscape). If you choose to stream from OBS to Instagram, you’ll need to use Yellow Duck (mac/PC) to provide your streaming credentials.

So that’s cool, but you’re also going to need to route your DAW audio to OBS. On a Mac, you can use iShowU (free) – but not a lot of flexibility – or Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback ($99), which has a lot more routing configurations. The author of this article really only uses mac stuff, but a cursory search found this, for PC solutions. We will continue to update this article with helpful information as it comes to light.

Communicate with the promoter

The promoter wants you to have a good experience and wants good content for their audience. Work with them to work out the kinks in your setup. They may have a simple solution for your problem, or may be able to lean on another artist who can provide tips and tricks.

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