Genre: Experimental
MEINSCHAFT (terra incognita/parts unknown) rides the ship of indifferent taste through the stagnant and troubled waters of Western civilization. With the winds of materialistic hedonism blowing ever faster through their sails, they generate a perpetual vortex of ritual energy and concentrated spectacle; hurtling humanity closer and closer towards the crushing singularity of PROGRESS.

Meinschaft’s output has been compared to an unusual variety of artists including Coil, Laibach, The KLF, Suicide, Dead Can Dance, Negativland, The Legendary Pink Dots, Scott Walker, The Residents, Godly & Creme, Death In June, and Insane Clown Posse.

“Meinschaft is like a clown leading a circus of pain, shoveling toxic detritus into piles then slithering away and laughing from the sidelines at a game it refuses to play.” -Chattanooga Pulse

“Meinschaft resists compartmentalizing labels… The experience is energizing and mystically untouchable. But, [they’re debut release] ‘To the Victim Belong the Spoils’ is real, tangible and ready to offer all the hidden sonic wonders within.” -Lost in a Sea of Sound

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