(Chicago, IL)
Genre: Doom Metal, Drone, Heavy Psych
For the uninitiated, the music churned out by the Chicago ethereal heavy psych quartet REZN manages to convey both crushing mass and cosmic weightlessness. With their fourth upcoming full-length entitled Solace, the band once again blurs the boundaries of their psych and doom labels by exploring more delicate and introspective emotions in the lyrics and instrumentation, using the feeling of empty space to build into towering moments of maximalist density. The appearance of piano, flute, and acoustic guitar are intricately woven throughout the record, and their dynamic range seems expanded even at the heavy end with odd time signatures and thicker, more colossal walls of sound built by the rhythm section.
“This was the first time we were able to immerse ourselves 24/7 in the studio,” says guitarist and vocalist Rob McWilliams, “and it was essential in giving us the headspace to take risks with the songs. After a week straight of recording for twelve or more hours every day, you start to go crazy in a good way. We wanted it to push us into new territories musically, but also transform the record into something much bigger than what we initially envisioned.”

Solace was recorded at Earth Analog in Tolono, Illinois by producer/mixing engineer Matt Russell, and mastered by Zach Weeks at God City Studio. Featuring cover art by the prolic Portland-based painter Adam Burke / Nightjar Illustration, Solace will be released March 8th on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

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