Taking Meds

Genre: Punk
One of Taking Meds’ greatest strengths is musical friction—Their ability to insulate instantly hummable hooks with their signature brand of disjunct, off-kilter energy and atmosphere. As a result, the moments where each element coalesces into straightforward, melodic concord feels incredibly well-earned. There’s an old standby in the alt rock toolkit of juxtaposing quiet against loud for dynamic effect, but Taking Meds instead pits the complex against the accesible, marrying their contrasting sensibilities in a way that creates a captivating push/pull.   Taking Meds are not of this era. It’s easy to imagine a world in which they’re co-headlining tours with Chavez in 1996, but the space time continuum dealt them a bad hand. Terrible News will undoubtedly register with younger music fans, but there’s just as much on offer for old school holdouts from the golden era of Merge Records and college radio. Whether you’re booking basement shows or hiding your hairline under a Sub Pop hat, Taking Meds is making music for you.
Last updated on March 20th, 2023 at 04:12 pm