Wonderful Bluffer

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Garage Rock
Since 2018, Wonderful Bluffer has sought nothing more than to disarm and enchant audiences with the undying spirit of rock n’ roll. In just a few short years, the Milwaukee-based rock band has managed to craft a style of music all their own, with influences spanning across many genres such as blues, folk, metal & prog-rock.
October of 2021 saw the release of Wonderful Bluffer’s first album: Passion & Reason — a bluesy 6-song introduction to the musicianship and songwriting talents of guitarist Joe Joe Scott, bassist Adam Rimkus, keyboardist William Matthews, vocalist Christian Fritz-Klaus, and vocalists/multi-instrumentalists R.J. Ziebarth and Julia Lewandowski.
Known for their high-energy live performances, the band seeks nothing more than to share their music with anyone willing to come and listen to what they have to offer. Bring earplugs! Or don’t! All ears, both with and without plugs, are welcome!
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