17th Annual Xmas Eve Spin ft. DJ the F-ing Wizard

Sat 12/24/22

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait
Folks, it’s that time of year, and once again I’m excited to be bringing you the finest in holiday classics, new tunes I’ve discovered over the last year, and anything else that suggests itself! I’m very happy to bring this event out of the streaming world again, and even MORE happy to be back at my beloved Cactus Club!
There’ll be booze for you to buy! There’ll be weird xmas stuff to watch! There’ll be the bestest tunes and vibes I can manage to conjure! By the time we’re done, YOUR favorite Christmas meal WILL BE a Ham and Cheese!
In all candor, I love that I get to do this every year, and I’m so happy that I’ve been asked to bring it back to Cactus. I think I’ve really fallen back in love with music this year, and I’m excited to play some of it for you. So if you want to and can, please come on down and join us!