Killer High Life • The Living Johnsons • Samwise Baker

Mon 03/18/24
$10 ADV // $15 DOS

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Show Lineup

Killer High Life

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Emo, Indie Rock, Shoegaze

Killer High Life is an indie/emo rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Formed during the member’s first year of university, their sound switches frequently between dreamo/shoegaze, midwest emo, indie rock, and punk.

The Living Johnsons

(Milwaukee, Wi)
Genre: Noise Rock, Pop, Punk

Milwaukees premier noise pop band, “The Living Johnsons,” consists of Roe Geib, Paige Dulski, and Sabrina Borg. Their music toys with the dichotomy between pop vocals/melodies and harsh, experimental instrumentals with fuzzy bass tones and heavily distorted guitars.