Ableton User Group Meetup w/ Jordan Lee, Mjanja + TBA

Tue 06/20/23
All Ages

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This is a free, all ages event.

** Times are approximate and the order of presentations may change.

5:30-6PM – Organizers and performers setup the backroom with the club’s sound engineer.

7:00 – 7:15 EVENT START – Introduction by Lorna Dune

7:15 – 7:45 – Demo #1 – “Topic” TBA
demonstration by Ableton User Group Member

7:50 – 8:20 – Demo #2 – “Live Performance and Production Techniques”
demonstration by Jordan Lee

Jordan will discuss how he uses the groove and swing functions to warp samples into different rhythmic patterns.

8:25 – 8:55 – Demo #3 – “”Drums for People Who Click Their Drums”
demonstration by Mjanja

Mjanja will go through some of their favorite programming and processing tricks to get cool drum sounds/patterns with a mouse and mostly without midi! They’ll go through some programming/swing tips, a couple warp mode tricks, and a couple of favorite stock and third party plugins for making things sound confident and punchy.

9:00 – (time-permitting) – “Pass the Aux”

Attendees can play their audio on the sound system and share with the group.
We will have stereo 1/4″ TRS for tapping an audio interface, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack or Apple 3.5mm to lightning dongle. If you need any special adapters outside of that, please bring it.

Show Lineup

Jordan Lee

Genre: DJ, Hip-Hop

Jordan Lee is a producer, turntablist, percussionist, DJ, former Radio Milwaukee Music Director and intersects the worlds of both hip hop and jazz. He is a founding member of Rusty Pelicans and Zoni Mitchell, organizer and founder of the Miltown Beatdown beat producer battles and currently wields his turntables alongside jazz musicians in Kase and producer-duo Verzhun.


Genre: Electronic, Glitch

Beatmaker, producer, glitch and downtempo artist, recently relocated to Milwaukee from Nashville.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, mjanja (“mmm” like it tastes good – janja) has always had a passion for music. As a child, he was introduced to music through band class and piano lessons. Always a dabbler, he learned to produce music for school projects and as a pastime, but producing music didn’t become a serious pursuit until later on. When it became clear that a 9-to-5 career wouldn’t yield the opportunities for expression and adventure he truly seeks in life, mjanja decided to start taking his productions more seriously.

In the studio, mjanja draws on influences he has accrued over the course of his global travels and inspiration from all across the musical spectrum to build off-kilter beats around unconventional sound palettes without losing an infectious familiarity. He utilizes nuances of rhythm and sound design to take listeners on a journey through the uncanny yet familiar parts of the music world.