Agua de Rosas ft. CQQCHiFRUIT

Fri 09/23/22

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A portion of ticket sales (75%) will be donated to Taller Salud @tallersalud to aid in hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. If Agua de Rosas attendees would like to make an additional donation at the door, we will direct to a list of organizations including Taller Salud who are directly helping and taking donations.

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(Chicago, Illinois)
Genre: DJ

CQQCHiFRUIT is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, originally from Miami, FL. Co-founder and resident DJ of Chicago-based production company and artist duo TRQPITECA, CQQCHiFRUIT got their start as a DJ by learning from and playing with the Chances Dances collective in 2013. But really, cqqchi’s love of dance music began at an early age when she heard Miami bass, hip hop, freestyle, trance, drum and bass, and other types of dance music broadcasted on Miami’s radio stations, some coming live from night clubs across South Florida. CQQCHiFRUIT’s sound incorporates elements from her Miami roots, Chicago/Midwest residence, and global interest with an emphasis on divas, womxn, queer artists, and BASS from around the world. More info at and

Agua de Rosas

Genre: Reggaeton

Noche de PERREO born out of Milwaukee, WI. Currently Milwaukee/Chicago 🌹 Hosted and organized by DJs Julio Cordova, Chanchita & karennoid.

Julio Cordova

Genre: DJ

aka DJ Tuga
Based in Chicago.
Co founded @aguaderosas in Milwaukee WI with Chanchita