Ambient Matinee w/ Apollo Vermouth • Eli Smith • Energy Runner • Wandering Nerve • Hoovobot

Sun 05/26/24
All Ages

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Show Lineup

Apollo Vermouth

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Experimental

Wandering Nerve

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Experimental

Wandering Nerve is the solo project of John Larkin. His compositions are created primarily using trumpet, tape loops, voice, and synths, and can sound anywhere from minimalist and neat to blurry and chaotic.


Genre: Electronic

Josh ‘Hoovobot’ Hoover serves up home cooked and half baked instrumental electronic music, usually landing somewhere between ambient, downtempo, house, and trip hop. Heavy on the sounds of classic analog and fm synths, tape loops, and golden era drum machines, delivered with just a touch of goof-abouts.

Energy Runner

Genre: Ambient, Electronic
Energy Runner (aka Zach Hosale) originally hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin but has lived in the DC/Maryland area since January 2016 and is a member of DC Modular Society. Hosale’s early music experiences were as a guitar player in various psych/indie/experimental bands.  Starting in the summer of 2018 he dipped his toe into the semi-modular synth waters and since then has fully plunged into the murky, modular depths. Energy Runner is a solo project that allows Hosale to combine both of these backgrounds while also exploring his interest in ambient, kraut rock, and experimental music. Currently, all of Energy Runner’s available catalog can be found via his bandcamp.

Eli Smith

Genre: Electronic
Eli Smith is an experimental musician based in Milwaukee, WI whose work weaves between strands of tape collage, drone/ambient music, jazz, and noise music. In addition to his solo work, he is a member of Lightninging, Social Caterpillar, and Normal Rituals.