Cactus Book Club: ‘Care Of: Letters, Connections, and Cures’ by Ivan Coyote

Wed 06/19/24

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Join us Wednesday, June 19th* for Cactus Book Club. CHOSEN will lead the discussion on Care Of: Letters, Connections, and Cures by writer and performer Ivan Coyote. “For years, Ivan has kept a file of the most special communications received from readers and audience members—letters, Facebook messages, emails, soggy handwritten notes tucked under the windshield wiper of their truck after a gig…Care Of combines the most powerful of these letters with Ivan’s responses, creating a body of correspondence of startling intimacy, breathtaking beauty, and heartbreaking honesty and openness. Taken together, they become an affirming and joyous reflection on many of the themes central to Coyote’s celebrated work—compassion and empathy, family fragility, non-binary and Trans identity, and the unending beauty of simply being alive, a giant love letter to the idea of human connection, and the power of truly listening to each other.”

(*NOTE: Slight schedule change in June. We’re meeting on the third Wednesday of the month instead of first)

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Cactus Book Club (typically) meets on the first Wednesday of the month from 5:30-7:30 at Cactus Club (in the back venue room or outside patio, weather permitting). Each month a different business, community organization, collective, or artist chooses the book and leads the discussion. We read fiction and non-fiction, with a focus on works by women, LGBTQ+, POC, and/or otherwise under-published groups. You don’t have to finish reading the book to attend. 18+. All book club meetings are free. No registration required. CBC is part of our ongoing Cactus+ programming