Cine-Espacios presented by Canyon Cinema

Wed 10/04/23
All Ages
$10-$20 Sliding Scale

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Screening Cine Espacios presented by Canyon Cinema Wednesday October 4th at 8pm after bookclub.

All Ages, $10-$20 Sliding Scale.

Valentin De Las Sierras by Bruce Baillie (1968, 10 min, 16mm)

Song of revolutionary hero, Valentin, sung by Jose Santollo Nasido en Santa Cruz de la Soledad; Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.

Guacamole by Chick Strand (1976, 10 min, 16mm)

Poetic surrealism. Approach is experimental in relationship of image and sound. A film about the loss of innocence and the search for the essence of the human spirit. Funded by a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Don Fidencio by Sergio Bátiz (2001, 5 min, 16mm)

An intimate portrait of an old blind Oaxacan musician, who made his sound famous in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico while begging in the streets. The camera passes by as a metaphor of the people who could have but never really helped him. The film is a personal satire of the “Music Video” commercial format so common on TV. This was Don Fidencio’s last performance ever captured on film celluloid of his famous song “Mil Problemas” (A thousand Problems).

On the Line by Cathy Lee Crane (2010, 4 min, digital)

On the Line charts a trip around Baja California to the Tropic of Cancer. With an original score by Beth Custer and a wicked sound design that utilizes sounds from the Cassini space probe, the piece takes on sinister, yet humorous cast.

Churubusco Inventory by Elena Pardo (2019, 7 min, digital)

The historical Estudios Churubusco lab, where Golden Era Mexican films were processed in the 1950s, is still running, pretty much unchanged. This film is a desperate and loving attempt to preserve the memory of the people, knowledge, and objects coexisting in this space, that risks closing at any time. Lab workers participated in the shooting as animators, actors, and technical advisors.

Tigre del Carbón by Azucena Losana (2022, 5 min, digital)

Tigre del Carbón is an imaginary place on the map of affections, where hawthorn, orange and plum trees coexist. An island and a valley which climbs stairs of all ages.