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Fri 06/21/19
$10 DOS

Cult of Lip • Double Grave • Lifetime Achievement Award • Blue Unit

Cult Of Lip

(Minneapolis )

“…The Cult of Lip showcase woozy guitars, jittery rhythms, and distant vocals dripping in effects. The closer “Fog” brought to mind a more punk My Bloody Valentine…I’m hesitant to use the term “psychedelic” because there’s too much nervous energy contained within these five songs, but that feeling is definitely there. This is both confounding and addicting…and a great record.”
-(GH) Maximum Rock and Roll

“Flying saucer indie with gliding guitars and reverb-y vocals which is still punk enough to cram 5 tracks onto a 7″…Sounds dazed as hell, but still focused enough to tear through asteroids at breakneck speed. Every song tries out different warped guitar effects, with the B-side heading closer to MBV braintwisting. Super refreshing to hear something this wacked out and spacey but also incredibly energetic…”
-The Answer Is In the Beat, WCBN 88.3 Ann Arbor, MI

Double Grave


Double Grave is a trio who most often play earnest, loud rock somewhere in the gloomy and poppy world of grunge and punk, while occasionally exploring things like art-folk or slowcore. Forming in fall 2014, they've released a slew of tapes and one LP, all live in Minneapolis, are best friends, and enjoy long breakfasts, hitting the road, relaxed attitudes, and pets.

(fka ego death '14 -'16)

Lifetime Achievement Award


Blue Unit


side project featuring member of shoegaze band brief candles flipping instruments with brock gourlie drumming in his 5th milwaukee band.

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