Digital Dream: Glass Games · Mere of Light

Sat 03/27/21
All Ages

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Glass Games

(Milwaukee, WI)

GLASS GAMES is one of the multiple forms of myself. Sound is identity creation, a therapeutic path to a new route, a moment of deep aesthetic experience and a wanting to reach multiple new potentials using music as a tool. I’m deeply attached to hardware synthesizers and drum machines because of the intuitiveness of their interface combined with the freedom that their structure gives me. How many worlds can live within the soft boundaries of a shell? Something hard. Something obscure. Something barely heard or something shimmering? Glass Games is a long format evolving inquiry into the potential combination and recombination of themes and sounds within sequencers. Like a learning machine constantly re-contextualizing a given architecture; every choice a new path. Maybe it survives and is mythologized or devolves into inconsistent noise: a flow of learned intuition. Here is my digital dream. XO Billy.

Billy is/has also been involved with the musical projects BODY WORK, LUXVID, VREEMD, and EXTREME EXTERIORS. He also organizes events within the sphere of electronic music and the queer community in Milwaukee.

Special Thanks to Ana Hansa-Ogren for video and edit.

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Mere of Light

(Milwaukee, WI)

Mere of Light is a dark and delicate intersection of synth, harp, field recording, poetry and guitar. Strange stories, softly sung, meet subtle experimentation. Anthems and elegies for a haunted, hopeful world. All money raised by this set will go to @giniwcollective to fight the Line 3 Pipeline.

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