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Thu 02/20/20
$3 ADV // $5 DOS

DRIP Presents: Squids Lair ft. DSKI • Trappy Meals • SAV • Alex Keys • KOALZ • That Squidboy


(Milwaukee, WI )

Bass heavy dj/producer from Milwaukee, WI. D-Ski has shared the stage with such names as Virtual Riot, Cookie Monsta, Eptic, Skism, Funtcase, & Modestep

Trappy Meals


Trappy Meals loves playing music to make ya feel good. The irony of a happy meal, just a little bit trappier; intending to get your body moving


(Milwaukee, WI)

Matt Savage a Dubstep and mashup DJ from Milwaukee, co-creator of Electronic MKE and Sound Assembly as well as a champion DJ of Madison’s APEX challenge.

Alex Keys

(Milwaukee, WI)

“I love to rap and I love to DJ. Both are my passion in life and both are what I intend to do for a very long time.  I try to put my own type of Space Spin on everything I do including my DJ mixes, sets and the raps I write.”


(Milwaukee, WI)

Koalz — a.k.a. Alex Kohls — is an up and coming deep dubstep and triphop producer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the US. Although fresh to the scene, he has been an avid practicer, performer, and creator for over 5 years. A perfectionist by nature, Koalz performances are smooth, melodic, and cohesive. Inspired by sound system culture and underground bass producers, Koalz is bringing new music to audiences alongside well known dubstep to create a unique and memorable experience.

That Squidboy

(Milwaukee, WI)

Been apart of the Milwaukee music scene since 2017 when I moved here. In this time I became a promoter for Brew City Bass, and started to DJ. My main musical influence for my mixing is the dubstep you can see in labels like Deep Dark and Dangerous, and Push Waves. This is my premier show in the Milwaukee music scene, which I love so much, and couldn’t be more excited to finally play in.

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