Flagman • Melted Bodies • SUMPP • Shoobie

Wed 11/15/23
$15 ADV // $17 DOS

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(Orlando, FL)
Genre: Alternative, Alternative Metal

Flagman was founded back in 2015 in Orlando, Florida by Sam Stewart and Cody Singleton, with a goal to create the crispiest, most deep-fried alternative metal the world had ever seen. That is, once they found a drummer. After a year-long search, Grant Freeman joined the duo, turning them into a trio. Channeling the eclecticism of the 90s rock scene with influences including Primus, System of a Down, and Mr. Bungle, Flagman’s sound is as familiar as it is puzzling. Through the almost unnaturally logical combination of vocalist Sam’s distinctive bass playing, drummer Grant’s driving rhythms, and sizzling leads from guitarist Cody, the band has managed to create a combination that’s completely unique.

Melted Bodies

(Los Angeles, CA)
Genre: Metal

Described by Knotfest as “One of heavy music’s most artistically complete contributors,” Los Angeles quartet Melted Bodies has created a sound that, while uniquely their own, connects with anyone eager to explore what else heavy music has to offer. Formed by frontman Andy Hamm after leaving his previous band ‘Local Natives’, Melted Bodies earned the global metal world’s attention with both their 2020 album Enjoy Yourself and their high-energy, spastic live shows. Combining equal parts post-punk, new wave, and death metal, the ever-amorphous Melted Bodies is now preparing to release their highly-anticipated full-length follow up ‘The Inevitable Fork’, in early 2024.


(Detroit, Michigan)
Genre: Metal


(Oshkosh, WI)
Genre: Garage Rock

Emerging from the depths of the valley, a band comprised of Isaac Lamers, Leah David, Nick Matteson, Nick Morrissey, and Parker Sweeney explode on to the scene with their own brand of impassioned sweat inducing rock ‘n’ roll sure to make your bones jump inside your flesh. Enjoy :