Free Swim Sunday • Repotting 101 • Banana Stand • DJ Paula Lovo

Sun 06/04/23
All Ages

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

In the back: Repotting 101

Join us in a workshop led by Dulce from Chelotzin as she guides you through the steps of repotting, and troubleshooting your indoor plants. During this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the signs of a plant in distress, the proper technique of repotting and how to make all your plant friends stand out in your home.
6/4 • 11-1
  • Learn tips and techniques for repotting your plants at home  (no plant is required to attend)
  • Bring a plant or two to be repotted with your pot of choice( Potting Mix for one-two plants will be provided depending on size)
  • Additional plants and pots will be available for sale


Outside: Banana Stand

Personal vintage sale from the closets of Lauren and Traci.




DJ Paula Lovo


Show Lineup

Paula Lovo

Genre: Filmmaker

Paula Lovo is a Latinx, Milwaukee-based multidisciplinary artist. She focuses on creating accessible art and music spaces and engaging children and teens through art. Her films and writing are reflective of her family and her own experiences and unpacking all that comes with it.


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Banana Stand

Personal vintage pop-up from local fashion gals, Lauren and Traci 🍌