GAYNGELS x Agua De Rosas • MMB ENT

Wed 11/23/22

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Show Lineup

Agua de Rosas

Genre: Reggaeton

Noche de PERREO born out of Milwaukee, WI. Currently Milwaukee/Chicago 🌹 Hosted and organized by DJs Julio Cordova, Chanchita & karennoid.

Demian Glas

Genre: hiphop

REACHout RADIO | DJ Demian Glas from Cactus Club on Vimeo.

DJ Demian Glass live @ Cactus Club. You might remember me from Wednesday nights at Cactus Club sometime over the past 5 years. If not, I've been out throwing left field queer electro dance parties around Milwaukee like Deep Lavender or Intimate Escapes. I miss all your sweat and energy! Dance Dance Dance ! ! ! xoxo muah! BILLY

Julio Cordova

Genre: DJ

aka DJ Tuga
Based in Chicago.
Co founded @aguaderosas in Milwaukee WI with Chanchita