Guardrail • Gold Steps • Wes Hoffman & Friends • Falling Flat • The Up & Up

Sun 06/23/24

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Gold Steps

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Pop Punk

Few artists would consider leaving “live music capital of the world” Austin for the Midwest. Gold Steps not only chose that path–they’re thriving on it. With their 2022 EP That Ain’t It, released on Revival Recordings, the band marks a new era of assertiveness, calling out toxic influences with hook-laden, brutal honesty and revealing growth towards a more polished, pop-forward sound.

EP singles “Petty,” and “Stay The Same,” quickly became fan favorites, the latter featuring vocalist Liz Mauritz directing razor-sharp jabs at a toxic friend. Self-empowerment and autonomy are central themes on the record, as well as the band’s signature self-reflection and vulnerability, best showcased on final track “Gatsby,” a synthy apology letter to a neglected love. Mauritz describes, “I’ve grown to appreciate the intensity of my emotions…how powerful my love, my fury, and my pain can be. I hope That Ain’t It inspires others to feel the power in their own emotions, really live in those moments, appreciate them—it’s what makes us uniquely human.”

Kicking off 2023 with a new sound, Gold Steps released their poppy new track “Undercover.” “Undercover” is available on all digital platforms now!

Falling Flat

Genre: Indie Rock

Southern Wisconsin’s Pop Punk Powerhouse!!