Half Moon Hideaway • Yaya Biggs • Faded Places

Mon 06/03/24

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Show Lineup

Half Moon HideAway

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock, Jazz

Half Moon HideAway is an indie rock group with roots in Milwaukee, WI. Formed by singer-songwriter Matt Froelich, the band is inspired by the sounds of rock, jazz, and punk music. Combined with comedic ad-libbing, impromptu jams, and powerful guitar solos, Half Moon HideAway is known for delivering performances that are unique and full of heart.

YaYa Biggs

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Funk, Jazz

YaYa Biggs accidentally formed in 2016 when Jonathan Chacon invited coworkers Adam Labban and Michael Stearns over to jam with him and his roomate Brendan Smith in their basement. Drawn in by the funk and rhythm, a few strangers wandered into the basement mistaking the jam for a party. A few phone calls later (one to pianist/composer Jesse Dunn), and the jam quickly became a party. One that raged until 2023 when the band decided to slow down and book shows, record in a studio, make merch, take fun little pictures together, etc.

Faded Places

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Garage Rock, Rock

Faded Places is the product of years in the Milwaukee music scene, deep science, and happenstance. Composed of songwriters, tradesmen, and engineers. The result is a hard working rock band with wide ranging vocals and musical styles influenced by classic rock, punk, and electronic jam cultures.