Hit Girls Feral House Book Event & Artist Market

Sun 06/25/23
All Ages

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Join us for Hit Girls, a Feral House book event. Event features panel discussion, book sales by Lion’s Tooth, femme DJs, and a maker’s market. Lets celebrate women’s punk history!

June 25th, 2pm, All Ages, FREE.


Free Swim June Artist Market • 11-4 with:

Bakehouse23, Perennial Pit, Otherdust, Sunflower Wellness & TBA.




Show Lineup

Other Dust

Other Dust is a Psychospiritual Consultancy and Technoapothecary for flower freaks and extra/hyper-terrestrials run by Kayle Karbowski. Part social practice, part educational opportunity, part apothecary– each offering from Other Dust is inspired by working with dreams, divination, plants, myth, poetics, and somatics to nurture collaboration between our hearts, minds, guts, each other and the world around/in us. Kayle believes creating cosmic connections with our daily rituals reminds us we are all sparkly specks of dust settling onto this water-rock we call home ⭐️🌈🦄

pitymilk press

pitymilk press is your local queer DIY poetry outfit interested in bizarrely beautiful writings that redefine genre and easily digestible poetic interpretations. founded in milwaukee in 2012, pitymilk publishes short-run chapbooks and a collaborative print journal, DUETDUET, exploring a wide range of production methods, materials, and writers. dribble dribble.