Hurd & Galante • Quiet Hollers • Lady Cannon

Wed 07/12/23
$12 ADV // $15 DOS

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Hurd & Galante

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Americana

Hurd & Galante are a folk-rock ensemble led by guitarists and songwriters Shawn Alan Hurd and Joseph Galante. After cutting their teeth in some of the legendary folk clubs of Boston, Massachusetts the pair split up across the country to ply their hands in other trades. Reconnecting years later in Milwaukee, Wisconsin they have blended their unique collections of acquired experiences and influences to emerge with a new voice. A temporal voice that speaks of travels down the ambiguous tracks of time.

Quiet Hollers

(Louisville, KY)
Genre: Alt-Country

Quiet Hollers formed in Louisville around singer-songwriter Shadwick Wilde. Their alt. country-styled debut, I Am the Morning, came in 2013, spawning a cult following via some critical praise, allowing the band to tour heavily, where changes in personnel and musical direction saw the band exploring territory beyond their beginnings.

In 2015, a birthday-cake adorned self-titled sophomore album introduced the band to a broader audience, drawing praise both for the breadth of its various influences and for Wilde’s songwriting. The album and it’s breakout single, “Mont Blanc” brought the band to Europe for the first time. Sadly, by the end of the album and tour cycle, tensions in the band led to the departure of longtime drummer, videographer, and collaborator Nick Goldring.

In 2017, Quiet Hollers signed with indie label Sonablast for their third LP, helmed by producer/drummer Dave Chale (Low Cut Connie, Wax Fang). Drawing sonic and thematic parallels between the modern day and the 1970s– exploring spirituality, agnosticism, toxic masculinity, and mental illness in another decade marred by division, corruption, and violence.

Quiet Hollers fourth LP, Forever Chemicals, will release in January 2022, featuring Dave Chale on drums, with Shadwick Wilde handling most other instruments. This is the band’s first full length in over four years; a culmination of years of touring and therapy.

Lady Cannon

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock