Korine • CD Ghost • Bellhead

Thu 06/08/23
$15 ADV // $18 DOS

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(Philadelphia, PA)
Genre: Electronic

Korine is a Philadelphia based ‘dark pop’ duo consisting of members Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye. The pair blends new wave nostalgia, early emo, and punk with a modern pop sensibility, contrasting upbeat rhythms against sullen, emotionally evocative lyrics. Their latest album ‘Tear’ showcases the band’s ability to blur the past and present seamlessly, creating a timeless nostalgia that could grab audiences at any point over the last four decades.

CD Ghost

(Los Angeles, CA)
Genre: Electronic

Cody Han and Blake Dimas produce surreal yet danceable synthpop under the name CD Ghost. They began in 2020 by releasing three EPs in quick succession, with tracks such as “Roll the Dice” and “Undercurrent” garnering attention online.

In 2022, the pair joined Born Losers Records to release their first full length, “Night Music” which saw them expand their watercolor dream pop palette towards the intersections of indie pop, post-punk, and darkwave. Written during the pandemic while split between Los Angeles and

Beijing, the project reflects on solitude, transformation, and the mysteries of the night.

Drawing from a kitschy past as much as they are embracing pure contemporary pop, their hook-

laden, beat-driven lamentations find a way to stick in your head and make their home. With a few releases under their belt and a growing audience, CD Ghost is steadfast in their impossible goal of writing the best pop songs ever.


(Chicago, IL)
Genre: Punk

BELLHEAD has been described as post-punk, goth, industrial, and a
demolition duo. The band consists of High Bass / and Lead Vocalist
Ivan Russia partnered with Low Bass / Vocalist Karen Righeimer. In
just a few short years, Bellhead has risen to prominence with multiple
recordings, remixes by industrial industry classics, and multiple US

BELLHEAD’s debut release ‘Unicorn Bones’ set them apart from other
acts by crossing over fan bases and genres from the post-punk, gothic,
industrial, alternative and metal scenes. Since their first release,
BELLHEAD has toured with a number of national and international bands,
released a second EP, and has been featured in mainstream media

BELLHEAD’s currently promoting the release of their new EP: “Good
Intentions” along with subsequent music videos and a full tour.