LustSickPuppy • JOHNNASCUS • Flowers*

Sun 07/09/23
$15 ADV // $20 DOS

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(New York City)
Genre: Experimental

“LustSickPuppy is perhaps the most exciting act to emerge from one of the most exciting scenes in contemporary music: the chaotic admixture of hyperpop, DIY punk, and harsh noise that is Brooklyn’s loosely defined ‘mutant’ collective. Towering in both stature and sound, they cast a demonic figure over every beat they bless, and when they collaborate with Death Grips’ Andy Morin, the end product is even more demented. Over a mind-bending instrumental that changes tempo at a nauseating rate, LSP brags about the men they’ve reaped, sounding like pure evil as they bellow bars like “It’s death row, let’s go / He telling me I’m a pro / Tell me something I don’t know.” Situated smack in the center of their new 12-minute, white-knuckle roller coaster of an EP, AS HARD AS YOU CAN, “BOY DESTROYER” is a testament, to LustSickPuppy’s cataclysmic power.”


(Houston, TX)
Genre: Hip-Hop

JOHNNASCUS is slowly dying and losing life energy. Their chaos magick has pushed them to the utter edge of creation and destruction. They have lost their way and have wandered into a state of purgatory. Will they make it through this tour with LustSickPuppy & find their path again? Or will they lose all control and stop existing? Come and find out!!!!


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Experimental