MIDCOAST Autumnal Equinox: Adorner • T!NY • Lil Kev • Nimbus • EMTN • Chino

Thu 09/29/22

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Raising funds for Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

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Genre: Psych

ADORNER Is a Psychedelic Rock band based out of Milwaukee, WI. Formed at the end of 2020, the group writes Indie rock with a poetic disposition, combining psychedelic edge with soulful emotion. The members include Madeline Stadel (vocals, keys), Kay Speidel (drums), and Elly Bird (guitar).

They released their self-titled EP on May 6th 2022 and are actively writing and creating, ready to bring authentic powerful music wherever they are heard.


Genre: hiphop

Hi I’m Tiny, here to give you music from my heart that I hope you enjoy!! My Instagram is @extravagantlyunusual and you can find my music on SoundCloud @tinytinytee. Don’t be a stranger!


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: hiphop

A young guy born and raised in Milwaukee. Moved a lot at a younger age but stayed dormant on southside for almost the rest of my life. Hearing all the music in the city now just makes me try too do my music style different, and was a main reason i started music because i want to show people you can be different outside of the regular music scene you’re brought up in, but you can also sticking too the same roots of keeping the same trap style in my/ you’re music. Lately been more focused on working on my harmonies but still keep the rapping part of me up to date.


(Madison, WI)
Genre: Garage Rock

We are an alternative rock/indie/pop punk/whatever band that has been together for just about a year with our current members and 2 and a half years total. We have mostly performed in Madison but are beginning to play in other cities starting this spring.