Mightmare • Rat Bath • Kat and the Hurricane • The Mothman Cacophony • DJ Honeyboy

Sat 10/29/22
$10 - $20 Suggested Donation

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*100% of proceeds donated to the 21st St Housing Cooperative*

Show Lineup


(Chapel Hill)
Genre: Indie Rock

Mightmare is the solo project of River Shook, a queer non-binary writer, composer, producer, and performer, most known for fronting punk country band Sarah Shook & the Disarmers. Mightmare’s debut album Cruel Liars showcases River’s versatility as an artist, writer, and singer, leaning hard into early influences such as Elliott Smith, Interpol, Belle & Sebastian, and Blonde Redhead.
Cruel Liars is a riff-centric wading in the indie rock dark pop shallows with sleek hooks and a sense of unstoppability in the face of imminent danger. Mightmare makes you feel seen, heard, and indomitable.

Rat Bath

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Punk

RAT BATH is a band of all trans-gender individuals that reclaim queer-coded villains from their childhood as heros in their storytelling and strive for visibility in the music industry. They describe their sound as “Post-Everything Rat Core” but have also been called Bubble Grunge, Alternative Emo, Dirt Americana and Melodic Hardcore. Which ever way you slice it; they are fast, loud, and have a unique ability to seamlessly blend influences together.

Their freshman album Rat From Hell is considered to be Vocalist, Fred’s autobiography and was named one of The Milwaukee Record’s best albums of 2022. The shift in sound between tracks highlight the different ways trauma manifests in one’s life ranging from anger, vengeance, grief, romanticism, and finally, catharsis.

Their second studio album Call Me a Monster, otherwise known as their “Murder Country Rock Opera,” showcases inspiration from both mid-century Outlaw Country and Y2K style Emo and Post-Hardcore.
The sophomore album once again earned Milwaukee Record’s recognition as one of the best albums of 2023 as well as national recognition, marking a new era in the quickly expanding “Y’allternative” movement in 2020’s independent music.

Kat and the Hurricane

(Madison, WI)
Genre: Pop

Kat and the Hurricane is an award-winning genre- and gender-bending indie-pop/synth-rock trio from Madison, Wisconsin. Lead singer/guitarist Kat Farnsworth (they/them), keyboardist/vocalist Benjamin Rose (they/them), and drummer Alex Nelson (they/them) deliver a unique blend of pop and haunting indie rock they affectionately refer to as “Sad Lesbian Music.” 

A trio of all-queer and all-trans musicians, they write predominantly about maneuvering through a world that does not find value in their experiences or community. Themes of struggling with poor mental health, navigating difficult relationships, and finding resilience in moments of isolation are threaded through the band’s discography. Acutely aware of how little queer and trans musicians were positively represented in the music industry when they were growing up, Kat and the Hurricane hope to be that representation for a new generation of queer and trans musicians – and shift the music industry from within to better center marginalized artists and their experiences.

The Mothman Cacophony

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Punk

TMC is a local spooky garage surf band. Coming from diverse genres and backgrounds, the band spreads the good word of Mothman through enlightening guitar riffs, soothing horns, and punishing vocals.

DJ Honeyboy

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: DJ

Honeyboy is a name my mother gave me.

This is most of the music I have been a part of.

Akimel O’otham in Milwaukee, WI