Music Go Round x Volta Records Present: Marielle Allschwang • Crawlspace • Loveblaster • Combat Naps • Volta Records DJs

Sat 01/14/23
All Ages

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Music Go Round and Volta Records have teamed up for a brand new all ages show series that focuses on showcasing newer and lesser known acts. With a secondary goal of bridging the gap and fostering relationships between Milwaukee and scenes in other midwestern cities, the inaugural show in the series features some of Milwaukee and Madison’s best newcomers alongside one of our cities finest performers of the last decade.

Additionally, Volta Records DJs Bella and Sami will spinning tunes throughout the evening.

Show Lineup

Marielle Allschwang

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Marielle Allschwang—vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and member of some of Milwaukee’s finest ensembles (Collections of Colonies of Bees, Hello Death)—sits at the center of the band she has named The Visitations, where she “[commands] the stage with hushed intensity” (Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express). At times gentle and beautiful, at others brutal and terrifying, “Allschwang’s voice seems familiar: it’s a timeless instrument, full of sadness, beauty, and independence, rooted in the fertile ground of Americana but twisted into the wilding sky of the avant-garde” (Matt Wild, Milwaukee Record).


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock
Crawlspace teeters between sweet folk and alternative rock. Born out of friendship, their songs are reflections on pain, love, fear and dreams. Femme-fronted, Crawlspace takes up space and pushes what it means to be a folk band.

Combat Naps

(Madison, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Combat Naps is the brainchild of Neal Jochmann, who has been writing and recording songs under the Combat Naps moniker since 2016. Equal parts hooky and angular, Combat Naps’ take on indie pop recalls some of the genre’s finer moments while simultaneously looking forward.


(Madison, WI)
Genre: Psych

Loveblaster are a relatively new act from Madison, specializing in a patient brand of slowcore, hallmarked by dual vocal harmonies, spacious arrangements and often glacial pacing. The band’s fresh take on indie rock’s more minimal side is as sprawling as it is memorable.