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Thu 06/13/19
$10 ADV // $10 DOS

Mutts (10-Year Anniversary Tour) • Mouse Corn • Christopher Gold & the New Old Things • Bootleg Bessie


(Chicago )

Mouse Corn


Mouse Corn is a three piece power pop trio from Milwaukee, WI aimed at one thing with their music: having good old-fashioned fun. The trio came together when singer/guitarist Myles Coyne was seeking new members for his past project. After trying out Steve Vorass on drums and Chuck Zink on bass, Coyne quickly realized that he had found a crew who far exceed his meager hopes for a "backing band" and the three began a new group, Mouse Corn.

Coyne had been performing material solo and under various folk/rock monikers for years. By the time Mouse Corn had formed, he had grown bored of acoustic guitars and harmonica holders. With encouragement from his friends, Myles picked up a electric guitar and started practicing his scales. In his room he played with his amp to explore guitar tones. Suddenly he found an entire new world of sound and opportunity before him. A harder edge, guitar solos, crunchy bass, larger than life drums, and a fun group of guys. Myles had finally found what he had been looking for: an old-fashioned rock n' roll band.

In 2016 the group went to Howl Street Recordings to produce their first recording, Mouse Corn EP. They self-released the EP on CD and cassette tape through Myles' DIY label BREADKING. The group has been playing out regularly in the Milwaukee area over the last couple of years at various dive bars and music venues in an attempt to humbly build a following. Most recently Alex Klosterman joined the group as the bands lead guitarist.

Christopher Gold & the New Old Things

(Appleton, WI )

Christopher Gold is a Kentucky-born songwriter living in Wisconsin. Together with his band The New Old Things he has written and recorded folk songs, country songs, rock & roll songs, and everything in between citing a love for songwriters like Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and anybody else whose work begins with paper and pen.

Bootleg Bessie


Experience a modern revival of the Southern Delta Blues sound. A Milwaukee three-piece, Bootleg Bessie pays tribute to American Roots Rock with their high energy original compositions and explores artists who helped influence the Classic Rock sound with re-invented covers

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