Scam Likely • Zipper • The Usual Suspects • Nothing of Consequence

Wed 11/09/22

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Show Lineup

Scam Likely

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Scam Likely, born on a cold, wet basement floor in an over priced rental property in Milwaukee, has grown up to be a Gothic Punk Rock four-piece consisting of Charlee Grider (Vocals/Guitar), Ducky (Guitar), Thierry Diatta (Bass Guitar) and Cary Dean Elger (Drums). These barrel of bozos are continuing to (rock n’) roll as they prepare for their debut album release in 2023!


(Madison, WI)
Genre: Psych
Zipper is a two-piece band from Madison, formed in 2017, specializing in combining riff-driven vintage psych rock and old-school extreme metal sounds. The group has performed across the Midwest in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and performed live on 91.7 WSUM.

The Usual Suspects

Genre: Garage Rock
The Usual Suspects is a 3-piece rock band formed when three brothers reunited in their parent’s basement amidst the pandemic in 2020. The Suspects combine punk rock and pop punk influences with 70’s and 80’s classic rock to create maximum volume rock n’ roll. The Suspects have been playing shows across Wisconsin in promotion of their latest album “The Oldest Sins in the Newest Ways.”

Nothing of Consequence

Genre: Indie Rock
Wisconsin alt-rockers with punk, indie-folk, and midwest emo influence. Using a lot of words to say nothing since 2021.