Snow Strippers • Kill.Dawn • Subsad

Sat 06/03/23
$18 ADV // $20 DOS

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Snow Strippers

(Detroit, MI)
Genre: Electronic

Snow Strippers are a rising electronic duo consisting of Graham Perez and Tatiana
Schwaninger based out of Detroit whose only goal is “making the most beautiful songs
possible.” Drawing comparisons to Crystal Castles but impossible to box in, the Snow Strippers
sound is ethereal, poppy, and ‘00s nostalgic. They’ve recently joined the Surf Gang collective
and tapped Lil Uzi Vert for a remix of their song “Just A Dream,” promising their recent rise is
just getting started.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Kill.Dawn is a rising artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Having only started dropping music this year, Dawn has been quick to establish himself at the forefront of Milwaukee’s underground scene. Pulling from a variety of influences ranging from XXXtentacion to The Japanese House, Dawn has been able to craft a unique sound that stands out amongst his peers.


Genre: Hip-Hop

Breaking through the pack, Subsad is cementing their rise in this new generation of rising
artists. The eighteen year old vocalist originally from Mexico, now residing in Arizona has been
steadily growing their discography with a collection of singles featuring the likes of Ericdoa,
Kaixan, and Xadvoi on tracks like “Hardboyz” “Always” and “Paypal”. Since 2018, Subsad has
been using music as an escape to vent about modern life, offering relatable messages that often
hit close to home for those who have also grown up in the early 2000’s. Pulling inspirations from
genres like Emo and Experimental Hip-Hop to create their own unique blend of the two. At the
end of the day it’s the passion that drives Subsad to create music, driving their creativity and
diversity in sounds to create music and sounds you’ve never heard of before.