SV Presents: MAVI • Spider Creek

Sat 01/21/23

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(Charlotte, NC)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Mavi, the critically-acclaimed North Carolina-based rapper has shared his sophomore album Laughing So Hard It Hurts and a new video for “High John”. The 16-track album is a warm, welcomed exploration of Mavi’s triumphs and pitfalls over jazzy instrumentals, extraterrestrial compositions, and a poised creative vision.

The thematic undertones of the album find all roads leading back to Mavi himself––with the pointed and poignant bar-work encompassing his own existence, relationships with loved and lost ones, and balancing ambitions and expectations for his future. The intro “High John” kicks off the album with some of Mavi’s most prolific introspections yet, all over a gliding electric guitar and a subtle piano, with the opening lyric “Praying they still make love in my size” encompassing the duality of tenderness and distress sprinkled throughout Laughing So Hard It Hurts. The summery visual for the track finds Mavi enthusiastically performing the track in a pristine field alongside famed producer and long-time supporter Alchemist & close friend and collaborator MESSIAH!, as well as manning a one-person rowboat and navigating through boundless nature. On “My Good Ghosts”, the Charlotte MC spits quick-witted, lover-boy raps accompanied by an instrumental courtesy of Coffee Black wrapped in a celestial sample chop and soulful vocal tones.

With topics surrounding the lightest and darkest moments of his life, the love and support of his tight-knit community, and the prospect of possibly being a family man in the future, Laughing So Hard It Hurts are the rhythmic contemplations of an MC wise beyond his years, trying to make sense of the complex path laid before him.

Spider Creek

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Spider Creek is a music collective based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin consisting of roughly 30 artists ranging from musicians and producers to visual artists. Sonically, the group enjoys the term “Genre Fluid”, a phrase they coined to match they’re ability to hop between genres. On any given day you can hear a mix of hip hop, alternative, R&B, rock, blues, indie and much more. The group has set their sights on spreading love and positivity through their music and their impact on whatever environment they find themselves in. On stage and in day to day life they preach the mantra “More Friends, More Love.”