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Fri 11/23/18
$10 DOS

Thunderbird Wine Presents: Guerrilla Ghost (Record Release) • Devils Teeth • Taiyamo Denku • Taj Raiden • Nicholas Elert • Dope Folks’ DJs

Guerrilla Ghost is a Milwaukee-based hip-hop duo brought together by their love for rap as well as more aggressive sounds (both come from having played in metal and hardcore bands), On Black Friday, the band will prepare to release their debut album, Perpetually Sad Motion Machine.

Guerrilla Ghost

(Milwaukee, WI)

Guerrilla Ghost is a Milwaukee-based hip-hop duo, comprised of lyricist Chuck Jones (aka Bad Graphics Ghost) and producer Martin Defatte (aka Tron Jovi). Brought together by their love for rap as well as more aggressive sounds (both Jones and Defatte come from having played in metal and hardcore bands), the group spent a majority of 2017 creating their debut EP, Suicide Notes of the 21st Century, as well as an impressive collection of singles and cover tracks. The band’s most recent full length album is Perpetually Sad Motion Machine.  

Devils Teeth

(Milwaukee, WI)

Devils Teeth came together as a lean but efficient three-piece in 2016, with Jon Hanusa on vocals and guitar, Eric Arsnow on vocals and bass, and Chuck Engel on drums. Dropping the apostrophe “just because”, the band quickly found themselves sharing the stage with notables like Dick Dale, The Blind Shake, Local H, The Toxenes and Left Lane Cruiser. After releasing some lo-fi rehearsal tracks, the band set to work on their debut in the summer of 2017 — aiming to be more than a traditional garage rock throwback. Channeling inspiration from Brucesploitation and Herschall Gordon Lewis films as well as surf and psychedelic sounds from decades past, the band holed up in Arsnow’s sweaty basement to self-produce the album. Months later, the band emerged with ten songs that blend the reverb-drenched energy of surf rock with the dissonance of post-punk and the theatrics of Spaghetti Western soundtracks.

Taiyamo Denku

(Milwaukee, WI)

Taj Raiden

(Milwaukee, WI)

Nicholas Elert

(Milwaukee, WI)

Nicholas Elert is a composer and electric guitarist

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