Phantom • Fugitive Bubble • Big Laugh • Innuendo • Tunic

Sat 05/06/23
All Ages

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(New Brunswick, NJ)
Genre: Hardcore

Wild and ferocious, this New Brunswick New Jersey hardcore band presents their dangerous energy and astral projects it onto the scene. Already making waves in the northeast, this band of ruffians is members of….nada. Influenced by Active Ingredients and Honor Role while at the same time sharing sonic space with NASA Space Universe and Dawn of Humans. Already one of the most active bands in their area, make sure to check out PHANTOM in a city near you.


(Olympia, WA)
Genre: Hardcore

Big Laugh

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hardcore

For decades, the upper Midwest of the United States has been a hotspot for hardcore bands that bend genres and refuse to stick to tired formulas, producing acts like Husker Du and Die Kreuzen. Milwaukee, WI’s Big Laugh is here to continue that tradition, with a sound that finds them as much at home playing DIY shows in dingy basements as playing large clubs alongside some of hardcore and punk’s luminaries. With high ambitions, Big Laugh is centered on creating whatever they want however they want, and “Consume Me” is just the next step for this young band.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hardcore

Milwaukee hardcore punk from the minds that brought you DAGGER and MiSTER.


(Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Genre: Punk

For all the chaos and aggression in Tunic’s songs, the Winnipeg trio is haltingly perceptive and emotionally resonant.

Composed of singer-guitarist David Schellenberg and drummer Dan Unger, the punk band is responsible for bracingly intense full-lengths about the anxieties and insecurities of daily life, including the 2021 LPs Quitter and Exhaling. But with their third album Wrong Dream, which is out via Artoffact on April 28, they’ve written their most introspective and adventurous music yet.

Co-produced by Seth Manchester (The Body, METZ) and stand-in bassist Drew Riekman (Blessed), it’s a document of a band pushing themselves as far away from complacency as possible to make something intentional and compelling.