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Fri 06/14/19
$10 ADV // $15 DOS

Wobblyhead 20 Reunion Show: Def Harmonic • Casino Versus Japan • Signaldrift • DJs: One F • Old Man Malcolm • Rob Sevier

Conceived in the late nineties out of the sadly missed Atomic Records brick and mortar, Wobblyhead was a label for like minded bedroom musicians to have a platform for getting music released.  Run more like a family, there were 16 proper releases put out almost exclusively on vinyl from the likes of Signaldrift, Am-Boy, Casino Versus Japan, Turing Test, Def Harmonic, Magic Arrows and others.  The vibe was mostly organic focusing on beat-driven melodic mood music from ambient to hip hop.   Created in Milwaukee by Milwaukee folks with some love and connection from a few like-minded souls further away, they made a small impact on the early aughts American electronic scene with their rhythms and melodies.  June 2019 marks 20 years since the very first Wobblyhead release.

2 Rooms of sound.
FULL Merch table with LOTS of Wobblyhead music on vinyl including a limited brand new 7″ release “Escape From Wobblyhead.”

Def Harmonic


Def Harmonic was one of the bright spots in the mid-2000s Milwaukee hip-hop scene, during a time when the scene was a bit less vibrant and hopeful than it is today, but the group slowed down as the decade progressed and faded away by 2007 as members focused on other projects. The group’s soundspaced-out funk with unhurried, sing-song raps somewhere between Outkast and Digable Planetsalways stood out in a city that’s traditionally preferred more meat-and-potatoes hip-hop. The group actually sounds more at home in 2009 than it did in 2005, now that artists like Kid Cudi and Kanye West are experimenting with nearly rapless rap songs Def Harmonic's always toyed with.

Casino Versus Japan


Casino Versus Japan is the production alias of Milwaukee-based musician Erik Kowalski, a discreet artist who’s been tracing his path away from the limelight. To those not familiar with his sound, Erik’s expansive guitar loops present a unique strand of shimmering electronica made up of blissed-out harmonies, ear candy melodies, swirling downtempo drum patterns, teaming with nostalgic tendencies. If you thought that Boards Of Canada was everything… think again.



Originally started by Franz Buchholtz as a solo project in 1998, Signaldrift released several records on various labels before being joined by John Goelzer in 2005. Being not only from the same city but practically the same age and sharing many common influences, the two fell into an easy collaboration through a rigorous gigging schedule during which they started and refined the tracks that comprise “Two Agents,” their debut album as a duo.

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