Yambag • Cruelster • Gorilla Knifefight (Tape Release!)

Fri 12/16/22
All Ages

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Genre: Hardcore

Hailing from Cleveland, YAMBAG transcends tradition by infusing their heartless brand of bumping punk with spasmodic, nerve-shaking blastbeats. The seven tracks here shift between rocking, stilted, and pummeling shards of hardcore that erupt into brutal, rattling bursts of relentless powerviolence when you least expect it, and somehow it all feels like a party. – MaximumRocknRoll


Genre: Punk

Following up last year’s LP, Potatoe Boys, the band is back with a new 7″ of raw, anthemic nihilism. Yielding a sound all their own and an unhinged sense of humor to their music and lyrics, Cruelster shows once again just how fruitful a place Cleveland can be, birthing more hardcore left-of-center and nastier than the rest.

Gorilla Knifefight

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Punk

solo midwest punk
aka duck earnhardt

Knifefight in Hell and DUCK tapes are now available. Anarchy Chess tapes are about to drop as well.