There are numerous ways to support our vision other than buying a ticket or a drink. We’re forever stoked on our unique merch collaborations and one-off designs. We love hosting folks upstairs in our time capsule green room-turned-Airbnb. And we are deeply grateful for the sustaining support we’re still receiving via our Patreon. Many elements of our programming including, but not limited to the Moving Image series, community workshops, and solar power at the club are specifically made possible by our generous Patreon members.

Any way you choose to support goes a long way to ensure that we can continue on this dynamic and rewarding path forward.


The green room is located on the second-floor of the club. It is storied, functional, cozy, and available to rent! Tour artists have first dibs, but the apartment is occasionally available to the public. It has been rented for music video shoots, thesis films, fashion photography and staycations. Calendar of availability through Airbnb. 


Our range of merch includes designs from local artists, independent creatives, and club staff. Designs include one-off collabs and custom commissions, including work from Mike Paré, David Arnevik, Janelle Gramling and Unfinished Legacy. Represent the club with pride, near and far!


With its origins in the pandemic summer of 2020, our patreon account is still active and rewards members with exclusive updates, merch drops, show alerts, and more.