(Nashville, TN)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Blending free-spirited psychedelia with melancholic trap and hip-hop, 2Hi creates an all immersive sound.  His music speaks to the sub-conscience, exploring mental health, identity, and self love with rare authenticity.  Born in Milwaukee and raised in Nashville, 2Hi first attracted attention with his 2020 full-length ‘2 Birds’.  With its dream-like and adventurous sound being served as a perfect introduction to a vital new artist.  The following year 2Hi released ‘White Lighter Bad Luck’, its diary-like lyrics and euphoric production really gave us the taste we needed, with each track pilling back the layers of his artistry. Since then, he has maintained a steady stream of  performances, song features, and cameos, making a name for himself.  With new things planned for the future, 2Hi is poised to leave a lasting impact on modern music.

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