We are firm believers in workplace transparency. We want you to know what the job entails and what it pays before you apply. Below find brief descriptions of position duties + starting pay rate. Many roles at the club are flexible and often expansive.

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Bartender ($8/hr + tips): Crafting and serving a full range of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, processing transactions with Toast POS, stocking/cleaning bar area. Bartenders constantly engage in direct contact with guests - a friendly demeanor, good attitude, and firm communication skills are key.

Barback ($10/hr + tips): Supporting the bartender and door staff in any manner needed including bussing drinkware, constantly stocking/organizing liquor/bar supplies, bar prep, changing kegs, cleaning, etc.

ID/door ($13/hr + tips): First line of communication when guests enter the club - must be welcoming yet firm with patrons. Carefully checking IDs, answering show-related questions, cleaning the space after events. Maintain constant communication with staff about safety, tickets, guest issues, etc. In tense situations, maintain a level of calm.

Production ($16/hr): The team that makes the shows happen! May include roles within ticketing/box office, event organization/admin, artist relations, etc. Folks who have independent experience in the musical field are encouraged to apply.

Hospitality ($20/hr): Prepping, cleaning, and beautifying the green room/upstairs apartment. Whether for touring artists or Airbnb guests, the hospitality team is responsible for resetting the green room back to its clean, stocked, and functional default state.

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Independent practice is more important than work experience to us. Let us know about any creative projects you’ve been a part of or currently have in the works. Don’t be shy. Whether you’re booking shows at DIY spots, editing a poetry book, choreographic TikTok dances, or writing songs with friends: if you’ve got creative energy we want to know where it’s going. Please include links or media.
Selections can be from any era, genre, or region. Here’s a chance to help us get to know your taste.
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Industry experience is not necessary to work at the club. We are interested in creative and passionate folks with good attitudes. Punctuality, an eagerness to learn, and self-motivation are the only prerequisites. Tell us about any past work experience and responsibilities relevant to the position that you're interested in.
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