(Los Angeles/Seattle)
Genre: Indie Rock

Advertisement is a six-piece rock band based out of Los Angeles and Seattle. Their 2020 LP American Advertisement received significant critical praise, with NME championing the band’s “Rolling Stones-sized swagger,” and heralding American Advertisement “one of the best debut albums to come out of the US in 2020,” and Pitchfork celebrating the band’s “knack for surrealist vignettes that distort and pervert American fantasies.” Employing a cheeky, not-quite-cerebral blend of krautrock rhythms, pop experimentalism, and evil dandy attitude, Advertisement presents an unusual take on rock music, as notable for its sideways sense of humor as it is for its straight-to-the-point songwriting. Well-regarded for their immersive live show, Advertisement has opened for and toured alongside the likes of Sheer Mag, Protomartyr, Narrow Head, Spiritual Cramp, and Exploded View. Since the release of American Advertisement, Advertisement has put out a self-released 4-song EP, “Freedom,” as well as a stand-alone single, “The Matador,” through Fire Talk Records’ subsidiary Open Tab.

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