Cristina Ossers

Genre: Filmmaker

Cristina Ossers (they/them/theirs) work explores the themes of identity, social transitions, and representation through the language of technology. Because they often don’t see themselves represented in history, mass media, or their immediate environment, they wanted to find a way to create a form of representation for themself and their peers, and to document their personal growth for future generations to feel solidary in. They do this through my dynamic filming approach and media works.

They started spontaneously filming myself before videos could be uploaded to social media. Today, they’re proactive in documenting snapshots of the everyday—both routine and unfamiliar. The present, a global pandemic, on top of their young social transition from ‘she’ to ‘they’, is too complex to process right now. They’re going to come back to this collection of data later.

Cristina studied film for one semester at UW-Milwaukee, changed majors, and graduated with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology. In 2016 they launched DocMyArt, a lifelong, hybrid passion project that both documents and archives the art happenings in Milwaukee, WI. They’ve led a multimedia teen internship in partnership with Walker’s Point Center of the Arts and Artworks for Milwaukee, worked a variety of roles for 5 years at Var Gallery and Studios located in Walker’s Point, and collaborated with an array of creative talent on video projects throughout Milwaukee. Today they work at Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) as a Creative Content Manager.

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