(Chicago, IL)
Genre: Experimental

DAVi MUSiC is the appellation of Chicago based sound artist and multi-instrumentalist David Feddock. Since 2018, DAVi MUSiC has released half a dozen albums on various labels and has been featured on playlists Ambient Ritual, Air Gap, Electronic Drift, Modular Synth Ambient Tape and Welcome To Space Lounge. DAVi MUSiC’s album from spring of ‘22, No Waves At Purple Twilight, via Flow State Records, is a “Hypnotic two-track LP” of “Primarily twelve-string guitar loops with a delay effect, mixed live.” “Like Steve Reich’s counterpoints, the different track phases create parallax effects.” -Flow State FM DAVi MUSiC’s latest album, Freedom Arboretum is out now via Flow State Records.

Last updated on February 20th, 2023 at 01:46 pm