Decent Criminal

(Santa Rosa, CA)
Genre: Alternative, Punk

Santa Rosa, California’s not LA, it’s not even near LA. Decent Criminal is abrasive love pop, cynical self reformed guitar rock, and barbershop surf punk from outside San Francisco. Brothers Tristan and Hunter Martinez are the burning center of a band that’s taken their 70’s glam and 90’s alternative upbringing to stages that welcome everything from 80’s hardcore to noise pop. They have and can play with anybody.

Growing out of their hometown with guitarist/vocalist Brian Gellman, and bassist Alex Kouninos, Decent Criminal put their name on the map with 2017’s Bloom – an album ferocious with clean-to-distorted guitar bursts and delicate major to minor chord progressions. Bloom found the band in support slots for nationally known touring acts, earning them a fan base outside of their usual touring routes. With the addition of bassist Jesse Hernandez in late 2017, the band toured heavier than ever.

2019’s Bliss, continued this progression and landed the band their first European tour. Bliss showed the band breaking away from the grungy remnants kept alive from their earlier days in punk bands. Despite being home to a couple of their fastest songs, Bliss is colored in jangly guitar riffs, pop structures and love songs that drift from nostalgia over leaving their lives back home, and the liberation felt in the process of finding a life beyond.

Decent Criminal’s fourth coming release will find it’s place in 2023 as the band has begun announcing festival dates, as well as the addition of singer/multi instrumentalist Paige Beller.

Last updated on April 21st, 2023 at 03:16 pm