Genre: DJ, Electronic

Theodore Scheiderich [pka] “eccentric” is an American music producer & multi-instrumentalist from upstate New York.

Scheiderich was surrounded by multiple kinds of music from a young age, and began playing instruments early on, but quit regularly practicing at 16 to pursue music production. He earned a degree in Audio Production & Engineering in 2018, at The Institute for Production & Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since then he has worked on many projects, including multiple singles & remixes, licensed music to rhythm games such as Muse Dash, as well as general music commission work while pursuing a solo artist career as “eccentric”.

In 2021, Scheiderich took the guitar back up again, to accent his current music stylistically. By combining traditional musicianship with electronic music production techniques, he has coined the term for his work “fusion bass music.” This subgenre primarily focuses on combining various genres of dubstep & Japanese Fusion/City Pop.
Other inspirations for his work include Polyphia, T-Square, Ruben Wan, Leotrix, & Automhate, to name just a select few.

Early success includes 1st place winner for the first Cymatic’s producer competition and other various remix & song contests which have been lost to the void of the internet.
Recent releases include songs via Rushdown, Exobolt, ArtByForm, & DubstepGutter, with an official remix for Skybreak appearing on UKF in 2022.

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 10:29 am