Freak Heat Waves

(Victoria, BC)
Genre: Dub, Post-Punk, Techno

For more than a decade, Freak Heat Waves have been steadily amassing a cult following and garnering acclaim from both critics and underground aficionados alike. Their music is a heady cocktail that defies any attempts at easy categorization, incorporating elements of post-punk, psych, dub, ambient, house, and techno. Their four LP discography has served as the soundtrack to countless DIY punk shows, outsider galleries and sleazy discos, establishing the Freaks as real-deal music makers with a reputation for evolving their sound, subverting conventions and ignoring expectations. At times, the term ‘acquired taste’ may seem fitting, but with their latest release, “Mondo Tempo,” courtesy of Vancouver’s Mood Hut Collective, the duo offer their most succinct and alluring album yet. Building on the experimentation of their previous record, “Zap The Planet” (Telephone Explosion Records), the duo doubles down on their foray into electronic music and injects their signature sound with a smooth and sweet blend of dance music. With their latest release Freak Heat Waves cement their reputation as one of the most exciting and visionary acts around.

Last updated on August 8th, 2023 at 03:01 pm