Glitch Gum

(Nashville, TN)
Genre: Hyperpop, Pop Punk

Glitch Gum is the artist project of Nashville-based musician, producer, and songwriter Luke Huff. With a recipe that includes indie/emo inspired live elements, blippy electronic layers, sincere (yet tongue-in-cheek) lyrics, fun vocal performances, pop sensibility, and punk aesthetics, Glitch Gum has built a brand that is equal parts chaotic and cathartic. Glitch Gum draws influences from many different places. His inspirations include Blink 182, 100 Gecs, Phoebe Bridgers, American Football, Underscores, Alex G, and Glaive. Sprinkling these influences into tracks coated with energy and honesty, GG hopes that his listeners can find a party where they can be themselves within his releases.

Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 11:31 am