(Los Angeles, California)
Genre: hiphop

Having originally been born as a solo drum machine project by Bert Hoover, Hooveriii (pronounced “Hoover Three”) has now evolved into it’s true final form – a five member band adept at creating their own brand of psychedelic space rock. Influenced by Iggy’s The Idiot, Bowie’s Berlin records, and Soft Machine, Water For The Frogs sees the band creating their own version of prog rock, circa 2021.

Hooveriii is Bert Hoover (guitar and vocals), Gabe Flores (lead guitar and vocals), Kaz Mirblouk (bass and synths), James Novick (synths), Casey Sullivan (vocals and synths) and Owen Barrett (drums).

Hooveriii have shared three additional singles off of Water For The Frogs – “Cindy”, “Control” and “Erasure” – which have been picked up from the likes of NPR and Brooklyn Vegan, among others.