Katie Jozwicki

Genre: Poet

Kate is a 23-year-old from Milwaukee trying their best to live the life they never planned on keeping and uses her experiences with mental illness and various traumas as fuel for her work. She has spent the last decade attempting to break the stigma surrounding mental illness, suicidal ideation, and sexual assault, and chooses to spread her message in hopes that it can help even one person out there. Life is often a hurricane, but Kate believes that as long as you keep riding that wave, you can make it through anything. Having been a lifelong musician, Kate enjoys applying her poetry to music and is looking forward to combining the two in the future. When they are not writing, working, or spending time with their pals, they can be found curled up at home with their cat, Moscato, and Lord of the Rings (extended edition, of course) playing on the tv.

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