Lunar Moth

(Madison, WI)
Genre: Psych

Spawned from the gloomy depths of basement damnation…. 
 Lunar Moth began its epic journey in late January of 2019. With the amiable, yet fierce vocals and fuzzy guitar riffs of frontwoman Amber Moth combined with the uncompromisable beats of drummer Gage Brunes and distorted licks of bBassist Mac Felckowski, this dynamic trio forms a new fusion of Doom, Garage, and Psych you can go home and tell your parents about. 
 Lunar Moth’s prime directive is to create a solstice for the audience amidst a chaos of distortion and reverb, and to provide a unique experience in which we all can revel.


The term “Doom-Pop” was coined amidst their relentless gigging in the summer of 2021. While playing on bills with primarily heavier bands there were often conversations afterwards about how Lunar Moth had heavy compositions yet a lively and poppy personality to the chorus’s of their songs.


With an EP and a Full LP under their belt, Lunar Moth is prepping for touring and a new EP release in 2022.


“Lunar Moth rides the line between heavy and catchy. The music floats perfectly through the darkness.” – Graham Czonnors, Live sound engineer at The Wisco, Madison, WI. 

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