Mall Grab

(Newcastle, Australia)
Genre: DJ

Operating at a dangerously high frequency, Jordon Alexander aka Mall Grab is perpetually evolving, but always retaining one constant motif – raw energy.

The Australian’s rise from an exciting newcomer to a dominant force over the last six years has been impossible to ignore.

Now based in London, he’s continued from strength to strength with diverse releases on his own label Looking For Trouble, running parties, and working on new projects and music, all while keeping the axis spinning with the label he runs along with his 3 best friends, Steel City Dance Discs.

A dynamic stage presence and DJ, MG specialises in a genre-transcending infectious energy that involves the whole crowd – It’s the club in which Mall Grab does the realest damage, favouring predominately unreleased strictly-for-the-floor MG material. Best arrive ready.

Last updated on February 20th, 2023 at 12:48 pm